Wednesday, 26 January 2011


When I was a kid wednesday was my favourite day of the week because I liked how the word sounded when said really slow.....WED....NES...DAY...

Anyhhoo so it's Wednesday today..woohoo half way through the week, I wanted to share some lovely things made by lovely people with you.

This Polaroid camera piece made by Tami Cohen see more over at the Ah, Bliss blog. You can buy a similar piece, and some of her other great images at her Etsy shop. I love this image, it reminds me of the typewriter piece that she made, also brilliant...!

This Crochet covered coat hanger from Vesna of the My Cherry Tree blog. This and more delightful items are for sale at her Etsy shop. I wish all my coat hangers were like this!

This 'Funky Carousel' pillow made by Dana of the blog Leilaloo..You can buy this pillow and see more fab items at her Etsy shop here...Seriously if I could buy all the pillows I would! But that would be so unfair on everyone else, go view..!

Toodle pip...I hope all is well out there, have magnificent dreams and wake up with a sparkle :-)


  1. Thank you, Rebekah for this lovely surprise!!

  2. :)

    let's buy all and split the pillows (i want the tea ones!)

    i would also love fabulous hangars... i never get fabulous hangars

  3. fun! thanks for sharing Rebekah! I love the hangar with Have a Nice Day! Don't we all want that first thing in the morning! Anne (flaxandtwine)


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