Sunday, 2 January 2011

Circus Horses

You know how it is, the new year sometimes gets you thinking about the direction of your life.... I started to think about what I wanted to be when I was a child. The first thing I wanted to do was to was to be in the circus, and ride circus horses...I remember quite sensibly thinking that it would be quite hard to get that job as I didn't have my own pony to practice on. So I figured maybe being a tightrope walker would be my way in... I could practice at home right?!! Sadly I never did make it to the circus and my job choices got more and more sensible as I got older..

1) Riding horses in the circus
2) Riding horses as an event rider
3) Groom/riding instructor
4) Vet
5) Art therapist

So I did an Art degree and now I'm on my way to deciding on something..... But for now I want to think about circus horses, much more magical and fun!

Happy Sunday all! :-)

Vintage photograph via here

Vintage photograph via here

Photograph by Suzy Livingstone Via her website which you can link to here.

Photograph by Alan Harvey at Burn Magazine via here


  1. how wonderful the innocence of childhood and what beautiful images you have chosen. i used to shock the family saying that i wanted to be a stripper! i am an artist antique dealer and the closest i have got to stripping is a dresser! happy 2011...

  2. wonderful images! i think you can become the art therapist who rides horseback from client to client. maybe?

  3. Hey tami! Well that is an idea! It would be a great way to unwind between jobs wouldn't it?! :-)


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