Saturday, 22 January 2011

My fellow fishies

So do you remember that I said I have begun an e-course with Marisa of Creative Thursday? I wanted to introduce you to some of the other people who are also taking the course. I am now on week 2 of the e-course called 'In the fish bowl' - life as an artist online, and I am thoroughly enjoying it, I will write more about the course soon and fill you in on how I am getting on..

So yes here are some of the other 'fishies'!

Megan Woodard Johnson, her work can be found at her blog here and also at her Etsy shop here.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these bird collages!
Anne Weil whose lovely blog Flax and Twine can be found here.

This image is of her pot holder design, the details of how to make this can be found here.
I think it's fabulous when people share their designs. So generous!

Joy of the blog and Etsy shop Julujoy.

Vintage Etsy Item

A Julujoy restoration project which she talks about on her blog.

M Soeldner who has a blog and an Etsy shop.

Image from the M.Shoeldner blog, I really really like the glass vial pendants that this artist makes...however her rings are also lovely :-)

I will introduce more of my fellow 'fishies' as the course goes on...But for now I hope you have discovered some new artists/makers that you like..I know I have..Also for some reason blogger wont save this post in the right layout :-/..boooo..I tried to fix it but now I give up!


  1. so glad you are loving the class, and cannot wait to hear more about it x

  2. Hi Rebekah, stopped by to say Hi. So great of you to highlight the fishies artwork. I did something like that for my last class by writing an artist of the week post. I really enjoyed it! I am cutting back this year to an artist of the month post on the 1st of each month. Would you be interested in being my Artist of the Month for my February 1 blog post? Let me know! xo Stacie

  3. Love that you shared your friends creative! Thanks for stopping by Design a fellow artist, I would love to hear more about this online class!

  4. I think it's awesome that you're showcasing what all the fishies make! Very cool.
    The class has been even more helpful and inspiring than I thought it'd be. I feel like it's really made me feel more comfortable with myself and what I make while feeling supported by other artists! Marisa also really has a knack for instructing/speaking...her voice is even comforting to me! :) See you in the fish bowl!


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