Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Life in the fish bowl class 2

As part of this weeks class Marissa has asked us to think about what qualities describe our work and ourselves, she also asked us to think about what inspires us and to jot this down as a list and then also to start creating a vision board. I have been meaning to keep an up to date vision board for a long time but its just something I never get round too, and I'm starting to think it really should be something I give more time to as I think it will help me to focus on my work. I wanted to record my progress with the tasks on the course here on my blog, I always appreciate comments and also it will help me when I look back to this e-course  and also when I am thinking about the direction of my work.

Qualities that I think represent me and my work:

Honest,passionate,colorful,lively,kind,friendly,dark,sad,happy,serious,silly,thoughtful,dream like,traditional,adventurous,shy,quiet,optimistic..

Hmmmm quiet a few contrasting words there!!


nature, people, animals, HORSE, wolf, rabbit, bear, bird, folk art, folk lore, fables, fairy tales, traditions, superstitions, weather, mountains, the sea, the moors, wild, crafts, camping, outdoor living, dens, NESTS, burrows, shelters, remote drelict buildings, primitive cultures, religions, FAITH , love, DREAMS, night mares, natural materials, wood, metal, leather, wool, fur, bright colours(neon brights), pale shades, deep indigo and vibrant red, simple shapes and lines, child art, outsider art, DAWN, dusk, STARS, the moon, shadows, human animal relationships, the hunter and the hunted, sibling relationships, FEATHERS, old farm outbuildings.....

And here are some images that would be on my inspiration (vision) board, I'm going to get started on my vision board and make it a regular practice this week..


  1. Hi Rebeka! It was interesting to read your words about your work and what inspires you...I think contrasts are what makes a person and their art, and your art, special and engaging. Also, thanks for your comments on my blog, I really appreciate it! =)

  2. hi Joy thanks so much for your comments about my work :-) so kind of you...great to meet you in the fishbowl!

    Tami, haha your comment made me grin! see..:-D I am so happy that you like my brain!Yours rocks too! x


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