Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It looks like Narnia out there

You know, Narnia when the little girl (Lucy)? first steps through the wardrobe and meets Mr Tumnus? That's how it is outside at the moment ;-)

I have been rather quiet on the blog front lately, I have been having a time shortage issue (uurgh)! Life in December is a lot busier than life in November, or so it seems with advent celebrations and lots of family visits. I also worked this past weekend at the school as they had their Christmas Market, it was beautiful really and it's times like this that I regret not getting an iphone... I'm missing out on some amazing photo opportunities lately! So for now I wanted to share with you this drawing from a few days ago and I wanted to say that I am really really looking forward to the Christmas holidays (18th Dec onwards..Not that I'm counting the days or anything)! I plan to spend the days leading up to Christmas Eve just making art, drinking far too much coffee and being a hermit before the real Christmas craziness kicks in! I just can't wait to get going with the many ideas twirling swirling round my head :-)
I am horse what are you?

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