Monday, 20 December 2010

An Etsy oufit!

So I was wondering if I could create an entire 'wish list' for an outfit from Etsy shops. I was sure I could so I thought I'd have a go. What better way to spend some spare time then finding amazing designers and items on Etsy?! Here is the Etsy outfit I would like to wear today, for last minute xmas shopping and hanging with my guy in cold snowy Bristol. :-)

Ada coat by LittleHouses
sorry same shop twice I know but really, can you blame me?!

Hand printed string cuff bracelet by TheifandBandit

Jacinta paper earrings by essimar

Snow Rainbow mittens by RainbowMittens

Orchids and fairy lights KNITTING PATTERN from TinyOwlsMagicAttic

(Okay I also want that cosy jumper and skirt and the cute Labrador in the other photos for this listing,check this shop out)!

Now that was so much fun! I recommend you try it! Have a good day all :-)

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