Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas and THANK YOU

****Sparkle****Sparkle***** Sparkle****

So have you got your glitter on? I hope so, I have, gold sparkly eye make up today! I am just about to head off to the countryside for the start of my Christmas celebrations. First stop is my little sisters house where my boyfriend and I are having dinner and drinks with my sister and her husband. I am looking forward to it, I'm also looking forward to seeing Otto my mothers Siamese cat that now lives with my sister, he is too cute for words and I can't wait to have some cuddles!

Collage Christmas card and hand felted felt star created by me :-)

I just wanted to say *HAPPY CHRISTMAS* to you all!! Also thank you to everyone who reads & comments this blog. Your time and comments are very much appreciated, I have really enjoyed getting to know other artists and blogger's out there. I love this creative space we have made out here on the web and I am excited for what will come in 2011 :-)

I wanted to say an extra big thank you to a few bloggers that have really encouraged and inspired me this year. So here goes...

Tami Cohen of Ah, Bliss & Tami Cohen Illustration  & Design. Thank you so much for all your help,inspiration and support...*Massive Hugs*!

Tera of Olive hue designs..Thank you for all your advice and support, you rock!

Kerry of the Seventy Tree... It was so great to meet you on the web :-p! I adore your blog and thanks so much for your help and support!

Kate of Kate makes it, thank you for featuring me on your blog and all of your kind words, thanks thanks thanks..!

Have a great Christmas everyone! X


  1. Thanks Becky! a BIG thank you to you too (I have also thanked you on my blog) Have a lovely christmas x

  2. aw merry christmas rebekah! love the card!!! have a great time and il enjoy reading your blog throughout 2011 :o) xxx

  3. you are far too sweet - YOU help, inspire and support ME, silly! hope your day was wonderful, and that your sister recognizes how extraordinary this card is! beautiful xxx

  4. I'm a bit late, but...thanks for the mention...I love your work, so it's always a pleasure to include anything by you! I hope your Christmas was lovely and your new year ahead is super! Bye for now and Happy New Year x


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