Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hanging with my sis

One of the great things about this Christmas holiday is that I've got to hang out with my little sister (only sister) quite a bit. It's really refreshing to have the time to relax and not worry about wasting a morning taking far too many photographs or browsing Etsy or drinking too much coffee..You know what I mean... Its nice to be just chilling... Especially with people you don't see very often, my family live in a different part of the UK to me and my sister was very very ill for much of 2009/2010, but now she's all better, and that's just so awesome... YAY :-)

( I really like all the fabrics in this picture, and I love those curtains)!
My sis is also on Etsy not as a maker (yet)! But as a buyer, she's pretty addicted to making treasuries too and has made some really good ones as you can see...

View Feline fine here

View Sly Ole Fox

*Love you sis*!

PS: Blogger is playing up with my post layout *grumble*! Have a good eve everyone!

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