Thursday, 1 July 2010

Illustration Friday 'Satellite' -Unfinished sketch

Hi all, I ran out of time for this weeks IF topic, I have decided to post my unfinished image anyway and here it is. Coming up with this image really got me thinking, sometimes I spend SO long working on an image as I want it to be perfect that it sort of loses something..For this weeks topic I was also worrying that I wouldn't have time to 'get it right'....Then I felt annoyed at myself for thinking that way, so now I'm posting what I've done anyway! All this worrying isn't good!!

So here's my sketch for 'satellite':

I started playing around with sections from this image and I think it has some interesting parts to it:

I want to make an effort to create more without thinking too much about it all, I'm also really feeling the need to get my paints out...I need more texture in my life! watch this space..! :-)


  1. I too am guilty of thinking about too much! But I agree there are several interesting aspects in your sketch. I really like your line work and look forward to see more. :)

  2. you loosen up well, holy crow! thanks for the reminder - sometimes we must DO without too much THINK


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