Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Spoonflower Competition

So I've finally got round to entering something in a Spoonflower competition. The competition closed yesterday on Tuesday the 27th and the theme is the desert. After much thought I decided to create a pattern based on the creatures that you don't automatically think of as living in the desert. I chose to research the Gobi desert as it is a place I have always wanted to visit. Here is the image that I created for my pattern;

so we have a bear, wolf,ox,ibex,ass and a camels in sight! Did you know the Gobi bear is extremely rare? They think there are only 30 adult bears in the world...The things you learn! Here's the pattern:


 I've also uploaded it to my Spoonflower profile and soon you will be able to view the competition entries and vote for me if you think i've done okay, I'll let you know when the voting page is up as i'm a bit unsure as to when it will be. Anyone know?!

I also now have 4 of my designs up for sale on fabric...Super cool! I can't wait to order some and get crafty :-)

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  1. This is great! Both educational and pretty to look at, well done! Hope you win!!!


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