Thursday, 29 July 2010

BIG project

Okay so I've been greatly inspired by all those artists out there who are working on  daily paintings/daily art projects. I have decided to take a deep breath and to commit to something which to me feels quite serious. I am going to commit to creating an illustration a day for the next year (posting daily on this blog) and the theme is going to be 'things that I love/things that make me happy'. I am excited about this project as it gives me something to focus on and I'm also interested in how doing this will make me feel. Thinking about the things you love/or the things that make you happy on a regular basis can only be a good thing right? I'm going to start this project on July 29th 2010, here goes:

Day 1
Sea Shells


  1. Haha thanks comment yet!! I'm trying out a black ink ban with my art.I think I rely on my pens too much...need to mix it up a bit! Back to my old school pencils for a while.Hope your well over there! :-)

  2. Love the colors! Good luck with your project :)


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