Friday, 23 July 2010

I've been a busy bee

Hi everyone, happy weekend to you all! I am so glad it's Friday, having weekends off work is a new thing to me and I just find it amazing! 2 whole days off work??Really??Wowza! Anyway I have a weekend of art making ahead. I have no plans except a killer gym session tomorrow then just art art art. I am a happy bunny, the only thing that would make it better would be if someone would deliver me some chocolate. I want some but I'm far to busy (lazy) to go to the shop!

So tonight I have been working on finishing up some bits and bobs that I want to start to show to you. Here's a new pattern that I finished tonight, I just love this bird, amazing legs! I've called the pattern 'ZBirds' as the way he's walking reminds me of a zombie bird...Zombie birds..I actually have never thought about Zombie animals before. There must be some Zombie films out there featuring a Zombie dog/cat or birds right?? Let me know if there is, I'm going to have to search on utube now aren't I... :-)

Before I run off to utube to hunt for Zombie animals I also wanted to show you some card designs that I've been working on. My card design portfolio is pretty weak and these past few days I've had, and still have card designs on the brain. Here's some I've got finished:

This image was created with Easter cards in mind. It is a hare, not a rabbit but I think it still counts as an Easter image. Next come the Valentines designs, naturally featuring lots of birds!

So this is where I've got to, there are a couple of other designs in my sketchbook and Photoshop that I'm going to try to finish this weekend. Feel free to let me know what you think of these, comments are always welcome :-)


  1. I love the pattern!so beautiful..

  2. The zombie birds look like they are dancing to thriller! Awesome! Love everything you do, you have given me inspiration to make a card for a wedding I'm going to on Saturday! Thanks haha x


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