Sunday, 27 June 2010

Seaside inspired patterns

Hi all, well I've just spent a lovely 2 days at the seaside town of Falmouth UK. The sun was shining it was hot and the beach was heavenly :-) I went to visit two close friends and had some much needed girls only time! Take a look at the beach, pretty good for the UK I think! For the pattern lovers out there check out my friends beautiful skirt, an ebay find, I LOVE the fresh summery feel to it. It was so nice to be by the sea and I didn't want to leave...

 But I did, and tonight I finished off some crab drawings that I started last week and I put together this fun pattern.

Funny little creatures! I want to do some more crab patterns, maybe some happy colorful crabs and then some crabby not so colorful crabs!

On another note I also wanted to say hello and thank you to the new folk who have been visiting my blog. I always appreciate comments and I love 'meeting' other creative people. I'm really enjoying exploring the blogs out there and seeing the amazing art and design work that many of the visitors to this blog create.

So hello and Thanks for visiting :-)

I'm going to go and dream of the seaside now, take care and night night.


  1. ahhhh! beach time is the best :) i am in love with your crabs! cannot wait to see what else you do with them. i spent last week at the beach and have shells, glass, stones all over my desk as inspiration, along with your gorgeous work! i will create a proper thank you post today...

  2. also loving the crabs! ridiculously cute. summer does something to sketchers its just the perfect opportunity to sunbathe AND draw. perfect!

  3. Cute little Crabs!!
    Ohhh the beach... but honestly, is way too hot here to enjoy the day at the beach!

    P.S: Oiisschhh about the England team...boooo


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