Sunday, 6 June 2010

Postcards and mini cards

I ordered some postcards of my artwork and also some 'mini cards' from recently and they arrived today! 'Mini cards' are just that, mini business cards. They were smaller than I thought they'd be and I don't think they'd be a substitute for normal business cards but they definitely work for other things...such as putting in with greeting cards or artwork...They're a lot cheaper then normal business cards so I wouldn't worry about  putting one in with everything sold. I'm really happy with the quality of the printing too. Anyone else use mini cards? What do you think, would you use them instead of normal cards? here's some pictures:


  1. oh oh oh ohhhhh!!!
    I might not decide which of these postcards is my favorite! A difficult choice... maybe the postcard with de pelicans? (are they pelicans?)

  2. Hey Amba! They were Gannet's, but I get what your saying! Its the goofy beaks! I do fancy drawing some pelicans though. Thanks for your comment! :-)

  3. i use moo!!! but i got the non mini-version, which is the wrong size for the US but oh well :)

    LOVE these!

  4. They have different size business cards in the US?! I do like the mini cards but I think I'm going have to get some 'proper sized' biz cards too. Thanks Tami, I may just pop some postcards in with your mail! :-)

  5. ohhh... sorry Gannets! My excuse is that I didn't know his name in english, only in spanish, ahah!


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