Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Snap snap snap - Camera Illustrations


I finally got round to illustrating 2 more of my cameras inherited from my Grandad. I've been up since half 6 today as my brain was swirling with ideas and I was also worried about Arthur cat as he didn't come home last night. We don't have a cat flap on the house so he was locked out all night (there is a cat flap on my studio in the garden so he could go in there if he wanted, but still he much prefers to be insidethe house where its warmer). So this morning he came in at 7am all dirty and miserable, in a terrible mood and wouldn't look at me!!  I felt so bad! He's currently sleeping on my bed and doing his best to ignore me...Anyway the sun is shining (YAY) and I have finished two camera illustrations (YAY)...I really want to complete 5 of them so I can create a 'Grandad's Camera'  Greetings card set.  Have a good day all, I will pop them up in my Etsy shop as A4 prints today too..

UPDATE*** These prints are now up in my Etsy shop! To buy/view go here and here!


  1. GREAT!
    Please do a NIKON D90 too!!!

  2. i am, officially, in love. cannot WAIT too see the rest!!!

    i have a collection of old cameras that don't work, but most are not as beautiful as are yours. and my drawings of them are not as beautiful as yours! loving the bluuuuuuues

  3. These are great! I love that they're so detailed =)

  4. Totally love these!! And poor Arthur, cats totally know how to make you feel bad but if he didn't come home by bed time then it serves him right :oP xx

  5. I love these prints! Definitely going to get one :) xxx

  6. These are very cool! I just don't have that kind of patience... :)
    My cat is strictly an indoor cat, unless we are outside with him. He snuck out a few weeks ago and was outside all day until my hubs got home. Now he thinks he should be allowed out whenever he wants. I have news for him.... !

  7. These are beautiful. I love all the little details!


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