Monday, 11 April 2011


Hi all, how are you? I hope the sun is shining for you today.. we have had a sunny weekend in Bristol but today is looking very gray again (I am hoping the sun will fight through the clouds though..Come on sunshine)!

I am a happy bunny today as it is the start of my easter hols from the school. It was my Boyfriends birthday on the weekend so up to now it has been jam packed and busy with a party and people visiting..I still have to take down the bunting and balloons from the garden but I really don't want too! Looking at them makes me happy!

I have a few bits that I wanted to fill you in on the first is that I have joined the 'Creative Coconuts' an online artist community run by Marisa of Creative Thursday. I am really excited about this, it is the perfect follow on from taking the 'Life in the Fishbowl' ecourse run by Marisa that I completed recently. So I will be mentioning more about that soon.

Also if you haven't heard any of Marisa's podcasts you really should, they are so inspiring, (and just really helpful)!

Check them out here

Oh and before i forget, my 'Duet' print that I did for IF is now up in my Etsy shop. Perfect for Spring!

Bye for now **** :-)


  1. Yay for the Coconuts!! Such a special community! xo

  2. wonderful! the Group, the print, the holidays, all is wonderful :) enjoy, sweetie x


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