Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My garden and a Taurus Craft centre visit

I left some of the party decorations up for a day longer..I love the bright colours...I'm also completely in love with my garden at the moment...Flowers appearing here and there and lots being planted..It was such a cold winter its great to have some sunshine and life appearing again.

Yesterday we went to the Forest of Dean and visited the Taurus Crafts center, it was a beautiful place with many artists/crafts people working there. It is also a Camphill Village trust, here is some info from the 'about me' page of the Taurus crafts website.

Taurus Crafts, based on a thriving art and craft visitor centre at Lydney, Gloucestershire, creates new and exciting opportunities for people with learning and physical disabilities and mental health problems through work, work experience and vocational training, including gaining recognised qualifications. It develops individuals’ confidence and promotes greater self-reliance and integration into the wider community.
The school where I work is also a Camphill Community so it was really interesting for me to visit a Camphill where adults are working and creating.
There were so many beautiful things there to buy and great activities to try out it is definitely worth a visit. Not to mention the great organic food in the cafe..mmmm!
And I got my sweetie broach there! Its made of glass and was in the stained glasss workshop/shop! There were so many things there I could of bought, fused glass necklaces,earrings, beautiful vases and coasters...Next time!

Taurus Crafts
Camphill Communities


  1. your garden looks so lovely, and the decorations really brightens it up :o) taurus crafts sounds like a really great place, that actually sounds like a place I would really love to work! and the broach looks yummy! enjoy your easter break and i'll look forward to seeing any new things you create :o) xx

  2. may i live in your garden, beneath the lilacs? oooo, so beautiful! must smell delicious!

  3. Wow I love the Garden and the bunting and the brooch, I love it all!


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