Saturday, 16 April 2011

Illustration Friday 'Journey'

Hi all, my entry for this weeks Illustration Friday for the word 'Journey'

The idea came from a conversation I had with a friend yesterday about careers, we were talking about how we had thought that if we went did well at school, went to college, then to university that we would be on our way to a well paid and fulfilling careers by now. And I guess we both are, sort of at that point except we are now trying to decide if we should do further training, an MA maybe, to get where we want to be. That then throws up the questions like: How can we afford that? Do we still want what we wanted back when we chose our university courses? Will we get a job at the end of it all anyway?

So basically life isn't as simple as A, B & then comes C..Sometimes there's a whole lot of stuff in between the start point and your goal. A bit serious maybe but that's what inspired this illo!!

I hope your all well and enjoying your weekends, I have people over for dinner later, and I'm looking forward to tackling a new recipe, cheerio for now  :-)


  1. Hey Rebekah, i really love this, especially the message in it. I am in exactly the same boat so it really makes a lot of sence to me too!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :o) xx

  2. I love this Rebekah! Beautiful soft colors. I think the whole career, school stuff works itself out naturally somehow. Just always follow your gut.

  3. cute illustration - i love the birds
    being back in college at 36 I can tell you that...
    YES way more than just ABC - good sentiments.

  4. Beautiful illustrations. Especially the bird in the top right hand corner, he's lovely!

  5. Beautiful colours - perfect pick-me-up for this rainy, windy day.

    Thanks for the visit to my site too!

  6. The colors and energy makes my heart sing! :)


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