Sunday, 6 March 2011

So much to fill you in on!

Where to begin? I started today with that head fog that comes with having SO much to do but not knowing how to do it..Post office, printers, office supply shop, broach making, designing, photography, hoovering, cleaning, gardening, blogging, Etsy listings........ (I think you get the idea)?!  Then over my morning coffee I came across this blog post over at Flax and twine which helped me get organised..Thanks Anne!

Two great blogs that I follow are up for the 'Top Creative Mom's' blog award.. If you could go over and take a look that would be amazing! They are Anne of the Flax and twine blog and Denise Of Inkstitch, both blogs worth reading :-)

Also I recently took part in two art swaps, I swapped my red horse print for this cute bird anklet made by Stacie. The anklet is much more delicate than I thought it would be and I really like it, I just need some warm weather now so I can get my flip flops on and start wearing it! Here is a link to her Stacie's shop and blog.

I also did a swap with Vesna of the lovely blog and Etsy shop Objemi drevo/ Cherry time. I swapped my Grandads camera print and my Turquoise Singer sewing machine print for two of her beautiful crochet coat hangers, love love love them!

Thanks Stacie and Vesna! Okay all I have much more to fill you in on but  I think this is enough for this post! Have a good Sunday everyone :-)


  1. Thanks for the shout out Rebekah. So happy you like your anklet. I'm very much enjoying your beautiful horse print in my jewelry studio.

    I'll have to pop over to Anne and Denice's blogs to catch up on my reading.

    Good luck with your to do's today.

  2. goodness
    so busy
    sounds like me
    i hate it
    but love your enormous cat
    hope you are well now
    and calm after your move
    studio looks cute

  3. you always hook me up with the best of the blogosphere, thanks so much! the swaps are incredible, i hope you can wear that anklet soon... and those hangers are works of art, i think i'd frame them :) have a wonderful week x

  4. Thank you Rebekah so much for this art swap :)

    your(now mine) art prints are so gorgeous and I really love their beautiful vintage vibe.


  5. Your swap sounds fun! Stacie's birdy anklet looks very cute.
    Just cast my vote for Anne and Denice! :) I think I'll add a note on voting for them to my blog, too.


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