Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Illustration Friday - 'Toy'

I can't quite believe it. I actually got an IF image done in time for once!

The word is 'Toy'... Which got me thinking about the dog breed Toy Poodle...I grew up with a miniature poodle called Molly, she was the best dog in the world! We had her for a long time about 10 years I think.

I really enjoyed getting this image done, in my mind I could see a poodle sat outside on some grass near some colorful flowers and I just worked from that. It's great to get something done and I also really enjoy doing the IF challenges as they really do get you illustrating things you wouldn't normally draw.


  1. Simply lovely. And an original 'toy' interpretation.

  2. I really love this Rebekah! Too cute, and love the colours :o) My friend has a toy poodle and a really big poodle and seeing them together is like watching austin powers...dr evil and mini me hehe. Although they are in no way evil... Glad your enjoying IF again :o)

  3. I love this Rebekah! Great colors and interpretation of the word toy.


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