Monday, 28 March 2011

Flipflops, gardening, art..

Hi all, hows your week been? Are you enjoying this warmer weather and the lighter nights?  Tonight me and my man have eaten dinner outside (with a little wood fire), I also have just been wearing my flip flops this evening which has made me feel happy (again the log fire obviously helps but y'know...Summer is on its way)! I am still very busy with house stuff, we still need to paint the walls & ceilings and buy some bits but it's getting there. I have a few photos to show you of recent goings on, we have been doing lots of gardening getting everything tidy and planting and re planting things..Well when I say "we"... I actually just planted some bulbs made cups of tea and took photographs! Thankfully Ben's mum has been staying with us and helping which is really good as I'm sure i'd of dug up lots of lovely plants that are in their winter state thinking they were weeds..I really need to learn!
 Arthur here doing the very important job of guarding the biscuits!!

So all is well but I can't wait to get on with some art making, I have lots of ideas twirling round my head that need to come to life. Current obsessions are plants, horse silhouettes and pink and gray...I hope to start focusing on art towards the end of the week.

In the mean time here are some prints that I really really want for my walls...

Have a great day folks whatever your up too :-)

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  1. thank you for posting about my print! hope you get some time to make things soon.


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