Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cat update and new listings!

As you can see Arthur is making himself very much at home, here he is showing me that he is FAR more important than my emails! He very much enjoys walking all over my laptop keypad whenever he gets the chance..
(Please bear with me, the cat photos will die down soon)! :-)

Anyhoo lets get onto the art! I have listed my two recent paintings on Etsy. These are the first two original paintings that I have listed and I really like both of them.

'She caught the moon'

'The woodsman'

To see more images and find out more about them you can read a previous blog post here.

You can view these paintings and buy them here.

Have a good day all!


  1. Lovely paintings, and Arthur's so cute!

  2. thanks for your comment! i ordered some business cards from for my uni degree show they were fab, i use that site all the time! loving the paintings btw, and arthur sounds like he has the same personality as my cat, who is CONSTANTLY on the lookout for fuss (and mischief!) x


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