Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A little update

Hello! I've been doing a lot of drawing lately but not much finishing off on the computer. I spent this afternoon working on some of my drawings in Photoshop. I need to get it all going again but will have no chance to do anything until next monday evening due to work...rubbish..Can't I just stay home and draw and get paid??! Maybe one day :-)

Here's what I've been up to..

The peacock, this drawing has inspired some patterns that I will post soon.

Listen to the birds...wise words I think! I really love the style of these birds. Its nice when you surprise yourself!

More birds...I know, I'm obsessed! These swans have been drawings in my sketchbook for months and now they've become something.

Last but not least one of the pattern ideas I've been working on. Basic floral shapes...would be a nice simple textile print don't you think?

Bye for now!

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