Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Collage shells

Addicted to pattern and collage.....! I was thinking today that collage reminds me of being a child, using pritt stick glue and scraps of paper.. and making these collage shells also got me thinking about being a child visiting the beach with my grandma and my sister.. I'd like to explore British beach imagery more for use in patterns...buckets and spades, bright orange crabs, seagulls, chips in newspaper and rum and raisin ice cream!! Okay I know I'm getting carried away now... :-) Here's something I put together today, would make nice wrapping paper I think!


  1. Hi Rebekah thanks for visiting my blog! I tend to sketch the images out in pencil first and then scan them in and trace over them in illustrator - hope this helps!

  2. Thanks sarah, i'm yet to try out illustrator, hopefully getting a copy next much to learn!

  3. thank you for the comment in our blog!
    We will follow your work,
    pretty cool!

    The Mr Spoqui


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