Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Inspired by shells and feathers

Hi! Well even though the plan was to carry on with collage card designs at the moment (not to mention the two book illustration projects I'm trying to get going)! I found myself yesterday after work sitting down and drawing and drawing...which was nice...time just flies when I'm in that space! And it's so lovely..so calming just to draw with no  real urgency or direction. Anyway... I thought I'd post my drawings so you can see..They definatly appear to be inspired by my recent shell and feather drawings. I also picked up a book in an art market last week called 'Sea shells of the the world', it's a beautiful old little book published by golden press New york. I haven't yet had time to delve into it but I can't wait to see what inspiration can be drawn from all those lovely shapes and lines..!

Above is the first drawing...very similar to the feather images yar?

The sea

I also came across the website Creative Thursday yesterday. It's an amazing website put together by an artist and business women called Marisa. She runs inspiring workshops, blogs, creates art and AMAZING podcasts that are definitely worth a listen. You can find these podcasts on the Creative Thursday website...I'm really enjoying listening to these podcasts...so inspiring! I hope you enjoy them too....Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hey there, Rebekah! I find your illustration style totally unique! The line works are beautiful, and I especially LOVE your owls... so fun to see all the colors blend in together. :)

  2. These are lovely BLM xx


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