Monday, 12 April 2010

Illustration friday - Linked

I haven't done anything for Illustration Friday's word of the week for a while, this is something I hope to correct when I change jobs in 3 weeks and have lots more time...Keeping up with IF and 'Monday Artday' with there word of the week is something I want to be able to do. Even if it's just a quick submission.. It helps to get the ideas going round!
IF's word of the week is 'Linked', I came up with this image, mother owl and her baby, linked forever. The image started as a pencil drawing, then I used felt tip to colour before scanning it in to the computer and adding digital colour too. It's got a very child like quality to it, it's quite different from my usual work. I love the flowers in the background and how bright the overall image is. Here it is, hope you like!

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