Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cat update and new listings!

As you can see Arthur is making himself very much at home, here he is showing me that he is FAR more important than my emails! He very much enjoys walking all over my laptop keypad whenever he gets the chance..
(Please bear with me, the cat photos will die down soon)! :-)

Anyhoo lets get onto the art! I have listed my two recent paintings on Etsy. These are the first two original paintings that I have listed and I really like both of them.

'She caught the moon'

'The woodsman'

To see more images and find out more about them you can read a previous blog post here.

You can view these paintings and buy them here.

Have a good day all!

Friday, 25 February 2011

New listings and new pet!

Hey lovelies! How are you all tonight? I am sat in my living room listening to 6 music (my favorite radio station ever, you should try it)! Waiting for a bottle of red wine to heat up (yum) on the radiator and I have things I wanted to tell/show you!

Firstly I have added a new print to my Etsy shop, this green shell print. It's nice. Go check it out!

Secondly we picked up our new cat from the RSPCA rescue center today! We chose him earlier this week and got to bring him home today! We've named him Arthur and he's lovely, although terribly playful (naughty)!!! He's had great fun exploring the house today disappearing under beds and under the stairs..This photograph was taken during his relaxing hour earlier which has now been replaced with crazy cat time! It's nice having an animal around though and I am so looking forward to getting to know him more. :-)

Enjoy your evenings!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Hello lovely people!

Hi all, how are you? It's been a while!

I have been, and still am busy with my house move although things are starting to come together now. I can't wait to show you all photographs of my new garden and studio (I'm still very excited about these things! Above is a sneak peak of my studio in our garden) But for now here are a few images taken today, it has been so so gray lately.. I think we are maybe having 1 day of sunshine every couple of weeks :-/ depressing!  Today was gray and rainy all day, although I did manage to take some new photographs for my Etsy shop which was good. I also plan to add some new items in the next few days so I will keep you posted!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A house a home

I am finally moving house on Friday 11th February 2011, this has been on the cards since September and I am so happy that it's finally come around. ***Excited happy dance**** I am excited to be living somewhere that will have stairs, a garden, an attic, storage space,a summer house  *ahem* art studio :-)

The house itself is lovely too, built in the 1890s it's a stone miners cottage with fireplaces in most rooms and a lovely countryside feel even though it it on the edge of a big city.

I've lived with my boyfriend in a small city flat for 2 years now and before that I was in house shares for 5 years so this will be a big change. So I will be offline for a week or so we have lots to do including getting the internet connected up but I will be back with far too many photographs of our new home to show you soon :-)

I have started to get quite excited about the idea of decorating the house, I mean I have been in rented accommodation for so long where decorating is just not an option that I haven't really ever thought about it.

I made a treasury on Etsy called 'A house a home' (above) and you can view it closer here.

On the idea of home decorating I came across this company Confettisystem they make amongst other things the most AAAAMMAZING garlands...I would love to have one in my home but I think I would have to save my pennies for a bit...One can dream right??!

I came across Confetti system via this post on the decor8 blog

Bye for now people!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

winter aint so bad when the sun is shining..

So me and my man went on a looong walk recently, and took these photographs on his iphone..I think they're delightful.Winters not so bad when it's sunny... Yay for sunshine :-)

Monday, 7 February 2011


What a bird view here

Bring me my horse view here

 Sparkle Sparkle SHINE view here
Get better soon view here
I've been under the weather and so I happened to go a bit treasury mad...What else can you do when under a duvet on the sofa feeling yukky?? Anyway I enjoyed every minute of this treasury making bonanza, I hope you enjoy them too :-)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

New print in my Etsy shop

This is what I've got to say about this....

Feather power! An art print of an original drawing by me, colored by hand and then the green background was added digitally.

I love this print, it's colorful, vibrant and happy, it reminds me of nature, camping and time spent in the sunshine.  :-D

Click here to view and/or buy

Thursday, 3 February 2011

IF : Surrender

Better late than never, I'm getting this Illustration Friday entry in at the last minute I know... This is one of my new Lino prints, I have been working on a few different images and was going to wait to show you, but then I thought this would go so well for this weeks IF so I had to blog about it.

I'm really enjoying working with Lino printing, although my fingers are sliced to bits! I have discovered that warming up the lino helps when cutting it so I have been using a hot water bottle to heat up the lino. This is fab as when I'm cutting the hot water bottle can go back on my lap..Genius! :-)

Have a good evening everyone!

Ps: I will soon be stocking my lino prints in my Etsy shop...Watch this space!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hello lovelies! I am So excited! I wanted to let you know that I have been featured as artist of the month on a blog called Stacie's Jewelry, you can view this artist of the month feature here.

I am so happy with the write up Stacie has given my art work, and I love the combination of pictures that shes chosen. I gave her free choice of images and I love how she chose a vibrant, colourful combination of images!

THANK YOU Stacie! x

I must mention that Stacie has an Etsy shop selling jewelery that you can get to via here! :-)