Sunday, 18 March 2012

Vintage tea cups, I still love them!

Two old drawings, re done and updated. I have a folder on my computer titled 'To develop' it's full of images that I'm not quite happy with. These two were in there, I had some fun re developing them and now I am happy to say that I really like them.

Good stuff!

I hope you have all had a good day? I took my new part loan horse out for our first solo hack today. We even squeezed in a short gallop which was so much fun! If you've never ridden then you should try it. Horse riding is one of my favorite things to do, alongside drawing and making. These things make me happy. :-)
Cheerio folks, Speak soon!
PS: Monday 19th (today)! is the last day to enter my art giveaway! Head on over to my FB page to get involved!

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  1. Love the first teacups, they lovely. I love old vintage markets for things like that, you see so many different ones.


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