Monday, 12 March 2012

Goldfish, big in the 80s?

Goldfish.. I had a lot of goldfish growing up. A LOT. I think we cared for them well, had bowls then tanks with filters and always cleaned them out and fed them etc. They just never seemed to last too long. I was thinking recently were goldfish just something that were big in the 80s/90s? Back when I was a child it seemed everyone had one but now I don't know anyone with fish.

We had 'Gripper' - the first goldfish won at a fair by my uncle (I know, I know so not cool, but back then it was pretty normal thing to do)
'Sharkie & George' - who else had fish called Sharkie and George?!
And the last name I came remember was 'Bubbles', however I think there were quite a few more..!

I got thinking about all this as I wanted to draw some fish. To begin with I thought of colorful tropical fish, but then I thought about the common goldfish.

So here's to the common goldfish (and to Gripper, Sharkie, George & Bubbles) :-)


  1. We also had Rosie & Jim and Kylie & Jason. I can't believe you've forgotten sis :) xx

  2. And I had Sting,Stewart and Andy..named after ''The Police''! x


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