Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Quiet as a mouse...

So I have been of late, please excuse my absence. Life is hectic and I'm yet to figure out how blogging fits into the way things are at the moment... All will return to some sort of normal soon I am sure!  For now I want to share my favorite online things that I have come across lately..

Leililaloo on Etsy

'Funky Star' pillowcase

Babyjives on Etsy
Soft sailing boat nursery mobile

Owlcreekceramics on Etsy
Watery platter plate

I'd like to try recreating the abstract design seen on the owlcreekceramics plate. I really love it, it makes a change from the usual ceramic decoration.

I'll be back with more news, and hopefully some new artwork soon..Until then toodle pip folks! **

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  1. Rebekah thanks so much for having us on your wonderful blog. We really appreciate it.

    Dyna and John
    Owl Creek Ceramics


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