Monday, 26 September 2011


Hey folks, how you doing?

All has been busy as usual here, working, decorating, doing craft stalls, working (yep a lot of working)!..I also started my diploma in supporting teaching...and have a little essay to get round to next week...So yes all these things have been happening but no drawing I'm afraid :-/

Soon soon soon..I'm starting to feel the 'must draw soon' feeling which will only get more persistent, and I will find the time over the next few days.. Also I miss reading your blogs and getting my crafty friend fix!!

All the bloggers out there are just so inspiring, the world feels so colorful when I see all this creativity going on out there...Love love love it... So I could never leave for long could I?! :-)

Some things to share, this link to a Grain & Gram a blog/site full of interviews with male crafts people. Some seriously amazing guys out there who are so talented. Check them out.

Also my friend Sophie Parker has a new blog, she is a talented illustrator and designer, she draws the best cats and polar bears, (and ladies looking glam)! She has an Etsy shop too.

Other news, house news that is,  is that we have finally painted our living room.PINK. Its a bit bizarre at the moment! This is the look that we are going for but right now without the grey floorboards it just looks a bit mental! Pink walls and horrible old cream carpet?? Hmmmm! Upstairs the floorboards are all done but downstairs is proving a bit trickier what with having to do the underfloor insulation. One day it will be complete! Until then here are some of my inspiration images!

Via design sponge
Via nest egg

Ok night night people ****


  1. Wow, I like the pink idea. Looking forward to seeing your pictures! x

  2. Thanks for the shout out, it was sooo sweet of you :) I'm loving the idea of pink walls- wow! Does your boyfriend approve though? I don't think mine would!

  3. Wow Pink walls sounds amazing - look forward to seeing pictures. Lovely Blog - thanks for pointing me in it's direction, I can get very tunnel vision with food ones! x


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