Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Rest Up

Rest Up... I've been told that I need too.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant now and I've been over doing it. It's my first pregnancy and apparently it's normal to try to do too much :-/

Anyway so here I am trying not to do all the things I think I should be doing (clean the house, clean the fridge, sort the space under the stairs out, go food shopping, re pot the plants, make some new cushion covers, take things to the charity shop etc etc). I'm sure you know what I mean..

So i'm spending some time in my bedroom with some old unfinished knitting and crochet projects and trying to stay still (ish) and relax.

We have lived in this house for 5 years now and things could do with a re fresh. I barely spend any time in our bedroom except to sleep nowadays however it's still a room I really like. Some of my favorite things are the artwork on the walls, I have a collection of paintings and prints by Dana Komjaty of the shop and blog LeLiLaLoo on Etsy. Sadly Dana's shop has been on holiday for a while now which is a shame as I love her work. I also have a print by Kerry Layton for SeventyTree.

Bear Print by SeventyTree

 Paintings and Prints by Dana Komjaty of Leililaloo

On my Pinterest board 'For the Home' I have been collecting ideas for things I would like to update our home. I really like the idea of making a DIY headboard for our bed and this is one of my faves:

Found on House Tweaking.com

Right now though I  need to do as the doctor said and snuggle down and get some rest. After all..




  1. Ohhh you could get loads of knitting done in the next ten weeks and so much more fun than housework!

    1. Hi Josie! Yes your right.... :) Not much knitting done so far though but I have been doing a lot of drawing so thats ok.

  2. Hello Rebekah, Congratulations how exciting on the baby news :-) I have also been busy, in Nov I had a little boy (15 days over due!) he is amazing and I cannot wait for him to get messy with paints ;-) Get plenty of sketch's done, as you may not have much time during (well in my experience first 6 months of he\shes life) and take lots and lots of photos, the new born baby phase disappears very quickly. Its a shame we don't live close by xxx

  3. Hi Helen! Congratulations on the birth of your son! i know, I am trying to cram my drawing in now and sort out my online shops... That and organising the house of course which seems an impossible task at the mo. yes I know its a shame we aren't closer! Are you on Instagram? I don't blog much these days but post on there most days. Much love xx


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