Monday, 30 March 2015

DIY Wedding series - Part 4 - Decorations

By far my favorite part of planning a wedding was being able to plan the decoration side of things. Actually creating a million *slight exaggeration* of whatever was slightly less fun, thank god for friends and family is all I can say on that!!

However yes the decorating part was my fave part, it would be great to one day do it all again (not getting married obviously!) but on a smaller scale but in a just as fab location with a great band and great decor!

The photos above are from our wedding, the light bulb flower holder idea was taken from some images I saw on Pintrest. My dad took all the filaments out and attached wire to the tops for hanging (super dad)! We dotted these around the barns and stable yard and they looked great :)

On the tables we had round circles of wood provided by a tree surgeon friend, said friend and his wife (one of my best friends Gemma Ritchie of Autumn Jitters) also made all the signage for us which was created to on rough pieces of wood with arrows showing people were things were. My mum painted lots of plastic animals gold and silver and other bright colours and we had them with the flower vases and dotted around.These were so much fun and a great hit with the kids! Later on in the eve I kept seeing little collections of animals in corners where children had created farm yards or zoos!

The 'vases' were tin water cans bought from a very cheap well known high street shop (pound land)! The flowers were grown and arranged by a dear friend Kate Sharp. They really were amazing and I couldn't believe it when I saw them for the first time. Kate really is a wonder woman!

I wanted a loose colour scheme of purple, turquoise, peach, gold and silver with a festival vibe. We made A LOT of bunting and I also made a huge garland in these colours. I bought all the fabric from a local fabric store and got busy making bunting in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

At my hen do we also had a craft afternoon where everyone helped to cut triangles and start the sewing for the bunting, this was a great help and I thoroughly recommend this plan if you are planning to do all the decor yourself.

There is no denying that whatever venue you choose can also help with the feel of your wedding. In the barn area at the farm was this huge mural depicting badgers.It fit right in with the festival theme and I love how it looked in the photos with family and friends :)

There is so much more I could say about Wedding decor, and it is by far the most exciting part (alongside marrying your sweetheart of course)!  I recommend choosing a venue that fits in with your style, begging and borrowing friend, family and friends of friends to help and scouring Pintrest for inspiration!

It's beautiful seeing it all come together.

I will be back shortly with more DIY Wedding posts, there is still more to share with you! I would also love to hear from you if you have a DIY Wedding story that you would be interested in me featuring on my blog.

Speak soon x

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