Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pet Portraits, Tao the Haflinger Horse

Tao is owned by a lady called Lucy, Tao was very fun to draw :)  If you have never met a Haflinger horse you really are missing out. They are Austrian Mountain ponies. Chunky little horses with golden coats and white manes and tails and TONS of attitude!! I am lucky enough to own my own little golden pony. The lovely Viking... Here he is showing his next door neighbors just how much attitude he has :)  I'm looking forward to starting my next pet portrait. I have a hedgehog, another pony and some bunnies to get started on. Wonderful!

I will be advertising my custom pet portraits on Etsy and NOTHS in the next few weeks.If anyone would like to discuss portraits please comment on this post or email me via Etsy or Facebook.


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  1. Beautiful horse and I can see in the photo it has a great personality. Looking forward to seeing more of your pet portraits :-D


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