Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Printing cards at home

Hi all :)

I finally got round to figuring out how to print cards from home..Only taken me around 3 years to get round to this, since I bought my all singing all dancing printer..Lol. I used a really nice cardstock made of recycled card from Eco Art Supplies..I really like the result!  Plus I can now always have designs in stock instead of having to wait for orders to come in from the printers. RESULT.

So soon I will get round to uploading some card designs for sale on my ETSY store. :)

I will admit to having a little help with my printing and photographing.Yes this guy 'helped' mainly by tugging at my dress, jumping on me and wanting cuddles...Awwwww..He is toooo cute! He's 6 months old now. On another good note our cat Arthur has finally decided to come back into the house! It took him 3 months (He's been living in our shed and driving me mad with guilt and worry) last week my OH went upstairs and called me to see that Arthur had snuck in and was asleep on the bed :) So that's what he's been doing, every night, waits for the dog to crash out then sneaks past him to go upstairs for the night.Bless him!

Speak soon xxX


  1. Your card looks wonderful, the vase of flowers is so very pretty.

    I need to crack with card printing too, last year I came across a trick for edge to edge printing by spray mounting a card onto A4 paper and putting it through the printer. Its an ongoing process :-D

    Your doggy is such a cutie pie x x x

  2. Thanks for your comment :)Yes printing is a tricky business! Never simple! I know, I love my doggle! He is a cutie but also a nightmare! In a puppy hyper chewing jumping! xx


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