Monday, 4 June 2012

Photos from the Lovely Fairs Market Sat 2nd June

Here are a couple of photos from the Lovely Fairs market. Laura who runs Lovely! Fairs just sent them through and I thought you may like to see! 

I really enjoy doing the markets and meeting other makers and customers :) I do need to get more organized with them though. I need to prepare a checklist of things to take and also create a mailing list form so I can start a mailing list. Next time...

Anyhoo enjoy the bank hol monday! I hear there are lots of street parties happening, If you are not street partying and just having a day out in town make sure to pop into 'Upstairs at BS8' which is where I will be toady.  We have a very exciting new artist/maker team on board, Tovie&Corrie of TovieCorrie. Their creations are just blimming gorgeous and I have my eye on many of their things...!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Lovely! Fairs market

Hi Folks

So I did a Lovely! Fairs market yesterday in Bristol with the wonderful Josephine Brimble-Fenn. It was fun sharing a stall and having someone around to make things a bit easier. Jo's work is really striking here are some of my favorite of her prints.

Jo doesn't have an online shop yet but will do soon, her work went down really well at the market and I had a pretty good day too.  Apart from a minor disaster at the start of the day..I arrived at the market and realized I'd left my table cloth at home! Luckily there was a great vintage shop up the road so I ran up and bought two beautiful (but expensive) vintage table cloths! Oh dear! 

I also met a lady at the market who runs a lovely company called 'Lavender house designs' they have a facebook page here. I bought a great little upcycled shelving unit to use as card/small print stand for markets.

So all in all I didn't make much but did get some great stall display items for future use!!

I'm at Upstairs at BS8 today and still have some of my Corgi cards and prints available, come get them while they're still around!

Speak soon and have a fab bank hol weekend! :)