Thursday, 12 April 2012

Upstairs at BS8

So if you go up the stairs in BS8 on Park street Bristol you will find the 'upstairs at bs8' shop space selling the work of 6 artist/makers..From last week I joined the team and am now selling my work in this great shop :-)

Artist/makers selling in the shop:

Rebekah Leigh Marshall (Me)!
Beth Buss of Boodle Boutique
Jenny Wills of Jenn Wills jewellery
Rachel of Generated Misfits
Zoe Darnell of MmmBiscuits
Abi Ponton of Pigeon illustration

Upstairs at BS8 has a Facebook page which you can find Here and while your on Facebook why not check out my Facebook art page too!

My Facebook Artist page

Ok the sun is shining i'm going to go run some errands whilst I can do so and not get caught in hail storms! Seriously has anywhere else experienced this crazy glorious sunshine to hail storm weather we have been having in Bristol?!

Speak soon folks :-)


  1. Oh it looks so lovely in there... I must pop up for a visit, but maybe when the boys are back at school! I'd love to to hangout for the day! ;-) x

  2. I wanna come! I feel a jaunt coming on Lou...seriously Rebekah it looks brilliant, well done, I hope it goes really well. x

  3. Hi Ladies! thanks for your comments. Do pop in for a visit :-) However when your boys are back at school Lou I will be too! Working in a school and all! :-(

  4. When I visit Bristol one day, I will make sure I visit this wonderful place :-) Your work fits right in! x


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