Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Pretty Much Penniless Secret Santa

I took part in a secret santa this year organised by Ellie Loughran of the gorgeous 'Pretty Much Penniless' Blog. All participants were given a name to send a secret santa too and the idea was that everything was handmade or second hand. I was sooo excited to receive my secret Santa in the post and I have to say I was so lucky to receive some great gifts! My secret santa put together a great stash of items for me, so beautifully organised! So whoever you are *THANK YOU* I love my secret santa gifts XX
PS: I love the bow knitted hat, it's super cute and will keep me cosy :-)


  1. such an amazing idea! love the hat too, v.cute!

  2. How fun Rebekah! What a great idea...maybe we should do something like that with the creative coconuts!


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