Friday, 20 May 2011

Derelict buildings

I think lots of people have a bit of a fascination for old derelict buildings..I know  I do..I especially love old buildings that still have furniture and objects that belonged to the people who lived here before in them.
How fascinating to think of who these people were and how things were in these houses when they were homes.. I took quite a lot of photographs when we were in Ireland of empty houses, there are just  so many over there in the rural area where we stayed.

Wouldn't you just love to refurbish that cupboard? Lampshade? Curtains? Shelves?Bed? Fireplace??!

I know I would. Cheerio for now x

Ps: Textile designer Laura Redford has just designed some pillows on Envelop..they are so good! my favorite is this one, I really want it!

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  1. wow these houses and bits of forgotten furniture are so lovely. I'd love to have a go at refurbishing any one of them!


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