Monday, 28 December 2009

almost the new year

I haven't posted anything for a while..Well over a month.. anyway I was just doing some reading about Tracey Emin and I came across an interview she did for the Guardian online called 'Ghosts of my past', when Emin is talking about one of her drawings she says something that is really beautiful, but also something that I remember thinking a long while ago ..

'I wonder if drawings can be the imprints of our souls? Maybe some drawings existed before they were actually made, and they just float around in the ether like ghosts, waiting to appear on paper'..

The drawing she's talking about is called ' If I could just go back and start again' 1995

I really admire Emin's art work but she's someone I haven't looked at for a while, I like the energy in her work and how it is so often pretty raw and hard to think about...good stuff!

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