Sunday, 4 October 2009

In our last illustration class we had a go at abstract illustration, we were each given a section from a fable and asked to illustrate this using abstract shapes and basic colours. I was given 'The Wolf and the Lamb' to illustrate. This fable is basically about a wolf trying to think of a reason to eat a lamb that he has just come across for his supper....The section I was given to illustrate involved the wolf drinking at a spring, then noticing a lamb drinking lower down the hill, then the wolf kept coming up with reasons why he should eat the lamb and the lamb kept arguing his case for not being eaten...!

At first I found it quite difficult to make my wolf such a basic set of shapes and eventually my wolf was simply some jagged lines. My sheep ended up just being a cloud shape and I kept the scenery very basic. I do like this way of working and would like to explore it further.

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